Thoughts & Happenings 08.29.20

On Thursday, I had a surprisingly intense MRI experience.

It was my first MRI and even though I was totally relaxed and comfortable going into the tunnel, I became extremely claustrophobic and started hyperventilating almost immediately upon getting into position. The noise-cancelling headphones they’d given me seemed to cause initial claustrophobia and then the tunnel, obviously, was intense and enough to send me right over the edge!! I was completely shocked by my reaction. I’ve never felt like that. So, anyway, I honestly can’t remember what happened right after my freakout, but I do know that the tech asked me something and I responded. Then, they brought me back out quickly. I was so thankful. Whoa. Another tech came bustling in the room and had me turn around so I could try going in feet first. I told the first tech that I couldn’t wear the headphones so she gave me ear plugs (you have to have something in your ears because the test is very loud). We tried again and it was fine. It was twenty dang minutes of being in there, however, and it was a bit unnerving because I wasn’t quite sure of the time, but overall I handled it. I’m glad, too! I wasn’t about to walk away after paying $450!! Plus, the results are much-needed.

I injured my back in March of 2019 and it hasn’t gotten better. 😦 Based on how the MRI looks (I’m no doctor, you understand), it appears that something is DEFINITELY going on. Like, maybe a bulging disc or herniated disc. I have an appointment with an orthopaedic on Monday. I went to one a few weeks ago and she gave me muscle relaxers but I haven’t filled the prescription yet. I’m nervous about taking them.

I sure hope they are able to find a way to help me get better. All the stretches and exercises I’ve done have resulted in nothing but MORE pain. I need help. I’m up about fifteen pounds since it first happened because I don’t workout  (hurts too much) which is a kick-me-while-I’m-down move, if you ask me. I was a healthy weight but now I’m not. 😐 Great, lol. I think I’ll be having epidural injections and probably physical therapy.

Yesterday, Stephen was laid off from his job. He’s been there since I was pregnant with Joshua in 2003 so it was quite a shock to us both. He was injured on the job in Dec 2018 and the doctors have finally released him back to work but the problem is that he was permanently injured so he can’t go back to driving. I don’t know if he’ll be getting a lawyer, applying for unemployment benefits, or both.  At least we will continue having health insurance through COBRA for the next eighteen months. 🙂 I wonder if I will start working or if he’ll find a new job.

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