Thoughts & Happenings 08.30.20

I felt pretty low yesterday. Not depressed, or even sad really, but somber, I guess. I spent a lot of time thinking and trying to process Stephen’s job loss. I don’t feel worried about the money but I do wonder what is going to happen to our family dynamic. Will he find a new job? Or, will he become a stay at home dad? Will I go back to work? (It’d be ironic since my blog is about being a stay at home mom…) We’ve never been in this situation before and I feel a bit lost.

I’m working on some things in normal, daily life. Trying new recipes and foods, for one. 🙂 The other night, I made a vegetarian pasta dish that was tasty. I sautéed garlic, zucchini, carrots and red onion and served it over linguine. Next time, I will use angel hair because the linguine made it texture-heavy.

Another thing is Elizabeth’s behavior. Some habits have emerged in August that I’m having to identify and rectify, if I can. Some rigidity has crept back in, some old ways of eating have returned, and her mood has been cranky at best. We think that all the outings and fun away from home are the cause of the regression so we’re taking a break from all that for a week or two.

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