About Us

Hi there!

My sweet husband, Stephen, and I have been together for 21 years and have five children. Our oldest is Maggie; she’s twenty, so creative and super helpful. Next is Joshua; he is sixteen and so full of energy and fun. Our middle child is Samuel, he’s eight and a half, sweet, and tries his hardest to figure out where he belongs in this big group. After him is Elizabeth; she will be four next month and is the spunkiest, liveliest kid ever. And finally, we have Isabella; she turned two at the end of January and has captured all of our hearts with her ornery, cuddly personality.

We are a homeschooling family and have been since Maggie was little. It’s been an interesting journey to this point (and I’m nowhere near the end, lol). I have found homeschooling to be challenging, exciting, daunting, amazing, and more. It is not any easier or harder than sending your kids to school, it’s just different. Different joys, different struggles. I hope to share some of our adventures as I blog.

We rent our home. I thought I would always want to rent, or maybe buy an RV at some point, but I’m starting to think that having a house of our own would be nice. Gardening, decorating, repairing…those things are much more feasible in a home that’s yours. So I don’t know where or when, but we may own a house someday. Until then, we are in a three bedroom ranch-style house and it’s getting cramped! haha

updated May 2020