Thoughts & Happenings 08.29.20

On Thursday, I had a surprisingly intense MRI experience. It was my first MRI and even though I was totally relaxed and comfortable going into the tunnel, I became extremely claustrophobic and started hyperventilating almost immediately upon getting into position. The noise-cancelling headphones they’d given me seemed to cause initial claustrophobia and then the tunnel, … Continue reading Thoughts & Happenings 08.29.20

When Samuel Needed Surgical Glue

I woke up that morning to Maggie telling me that Samuel had gotten hurt. That he’d fallen off the ladder of his bunk bed and had hit his face on the chest of drawers. She didn’t know how bad it was. I moved quickly - definitely not like the waddling, third trimester pregnant lady that … Continue reading When Samuel Needed Surgical Glue

WIC and Autism

Our income qualifies us to receive WIC through our state’s health department. It provides vouchers for certain foods like milk, cheese, produce and beans every month. Initially, I was turned off by the idea of applying because we CAN afford to buy food and I didn’t want to be “cheating the system.” When a government … Continue reading WIC and Autism

When Isabella had Torticollis + Exercises to do at Home

Isabella was born by c-section on the night that I was diagnosed with preeclampsia. It was ten days before my due date. She was healthy and perfect. About nine weeks later, we started noticing that she was leaning her head to one side pretty much all the time. Isabella has something called congenital torticollis. As … Continue reading When Isabella had Torticollis + Exercises to do at Home