Thoughts & Happenings 08.30.20

I felt pretty low yesterday. Not depressed, or even sad really, but somber, I guess. I spent a lot of time thinking and trying to process Stephen’s job loss. I don’t feel worried about the money but I do wonder what is going to happen to our family dynamic. Will he find a new job? … Continue reading Thoughts & Happenings 08.30.20

Summer Days ~ Visiting Cemeteries

For the last three weeks or so, we've been going to different cemeteries near us to let the kids have somewhere to walk. Cemeteries give them just enough nature, and plenty of space, to have a great time. 🙂 We've found maybe four that we really like. Samuel loves reading the dates and names on … Continue reading Summer Days ~ Visiting Cemeteries

WIC and Autism

Our income qualifies us to receive WIC through our state’s health department. It provides vouchers for certain foods like milk, cheese, produce and beans every month. Initially, I was turned off by the idea of applying because we CAN afford to buy food and I didn’t want to be “cheating the system.” When a government … Continue reading WIC and Autism